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Diary Update

24th May 2009 The following Week

Lyn had a possible sighting of at least one chick in the garden during the following week.

24th May 2009

Saw picture we were waiting for on Robert's Blackberry - empty nest. At last the two surviving chicks had fledged.

23rd May 2009

Managed to log on in Sheringham library to see both chicks still there and alive.

22nd May 2009

Still two alive and still being fed by both parents. Went away for weekend but decided to leave computer and camera on to keep a check on them.

21st May 2009

Two chicks still alive - hope they make it now.

20th May 2009

Disaster struck - two chicks died over night with a third dying mid afternoon today. This left two chicks looking very sorry for themselves, sat on the dead bodies.

19th May 2009

Some exploration by some chicks outside of the nest cup. Also some practise at wing flapping. Parents will insist on trying to feed chicks with pieces of food that is too big. Some bare patches of skin still showing on birds when they preen or extend their wings. Still some fluffy 'ears' on top of heads!

18th May 2009

Some stretching of wings out and preening has definitely started.

17th May 2009

Beginning to see a 'pecking order' like last year. All quite vocal except one - hope this one survives. Eyes are open for some of the time.

16th May 2009

Can definitely see the yellow feathers down the front today. Birds a lot stronger and standing up for food. Some are stretching their wings.

15th May 2009

Bird noise is definitely louder this morning. Birds also getting stronger. One parent gave a very large piece of food to one chick who eventually ate it - but only after the parent taking it out and putting it in it's mouth several times.

14th May 2009

Can see stripe on wings and line of feathers down the chicks' back.

13th May 2009

Feathers becoming easier to see - especially on the wings.

12th May 2009

Chirping noise is getting louder from the chicks.

11th May 2009

All seem to be developing at similar rate. Female leaves them for quite long periods during the day - with both parents doing the feeding.

10th May 2009

Can start to see the wing feathers developing.

9th May 2009

Chicks getting more active and seem to be able to lift their heads up easier now. Wings and legs visibly larger - and the beak is developing.

8th May 2009

Chicks are beginning to make some noise now. They seem to be growing before our eyes. Both parents are actively feeding - well into the evening. .

7th May 2009

Chicks are beginning to make some noise now. They seem to be growing before our eyes. Both parents are actively feeding - well into the evening. .

6th May 2009

All 5 eggs have hatched - chicks look like they have been hatched about 2 days compared with pictures from last year.

24th April - 6th May 2009

No camera action due to holiday!

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