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Diary Update

As the chicks have now fledged this diary will now only be updated if they parents decide to have a second brood.

31.05.2008 3 chicks fledged today

3 chicks fledged today. We now have an empty bird box!!! They fledged sometime between 11.00am and 7.00pm. Althougth the largest chick had been showing signs of wing flapping the smallest did not look ready to leave the box in the morning. When we last looked the three chicks were sat contentedly in the nest. We went out for the day and returned home to find an empty nest box.

Update 31/05/08. The day they Fledged

Update 30/05/08.The Chicks are developing quickly and will soon fledge

The smallest chick died at the weekend. The remaining 3 appear to be doing well and are growing fast. There is a noticable change each day. The largest chick has started wing flapping. It will only be a few days before it fledges.

Feeding time.
Press play to start the video

Bird Update 20/05/08.The Chicks are developing quickly

4 Chicks

The chicks continue to grow fast. Both parents are now involved with the feeding.

Feeding Time 17/05/08.

Feeding time.
Press play to start the video

Bird Update 15/05/08. The forth Chick was born this morning

4 Chicks

Two Mouths

Two Mouths

The male involved with the feeding

Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Feeding Time

Bird Update 14/05/08. Three Chicks were born this morning

Three Chicks

Update 2/05/08 to 5/5/08

The female is now incubating the eggs. She started around the 01.05.08. The nest is getting deeper as she keeps pulling the sides up around her. She has the occasional short trip away from the nest and has returned with more nesting material. The male pops has popped his head in and has feed her an insect on a couple of occasions. You can often hear him calling her from outside the box. Most of the time she ignores him but occasionally does pop out.

Female Rearranging the eggs in the nest.
Press play to start the video

Bird Update 01/05/08.4 eggs

The 4th egg appeared this morning.

Forth Egg

Back on the Nest

Settling down for a rest

Back on the Nest

Getting comfortable

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