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We have a couple of video clips of a Great Tit inspecting the box taken on the 16th March 2008.

23rd to 31st March 2008

The pair of Great Tits continue to show interst in the box but only visit it once or twice a day for a few minutes. We are hoping that they will start to bring some nesting material in but nothing yet.The female contines to peck round the hope from the inside.

Great Tit Checks out the box

A Great Tit inspects the hole 25.03.2008

22th March 2008

A pair of Great Tits flew in just after breakfast and one stopped off to inspect the box.

Great Tit Checks out the box

Great Tit Checks out the box

17th March 2008

Pair of Great Tits returned and sat on the post looking for the bird box in its old position. They finally found its new position and went in to inspect.

16th March 2008

This morning we watch a pair of Great Tits and a pair of Blue Tits fighting over possession of the box. The Great Tits eventaly won after a prolong aerial dual.

First Video of a Great Tit

Great Tit enters the box.

Press play to start the video

Second Video clip.

Great Tit inspects the box.

Press play to start the video

Some Still Pictures

Great Tit

Great Tit Great Tit

15th March 2008

We decided that the old bird box was too close to the house so decided to move it to a new position on the back fence.

Bird box moved to a new position

Old Bird Box Relocated.

Bird box moved to a new position

The opaque panel in the side of the box allows addition light in to the box for the camera.

This proved to be the correct decision as within a couple of hours a Great Tit was trying to squeeze into the hole. The size was restricted to only allow smaller birds to enter but this did not deter the Great Tit from trying to get into the box. Decided to change the size of plate on the front of the box to allow larger birds to enter.

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