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Bird Update 29/04/08. Second Egg Appeared this morning

The Second egg appeared this morning.

Second Egg

Bird Update 28/04/08. First Egg Appeared this morning

The first egg appeared this morning. The female covered it up then left the box.

First Egg

Male popping his head in

Bird Update 27/04/08. The Female is Roosting in the Nest Box

The nest is almost finished with just a few "finishing touches" being added. On Friday the 25th April the female roosted in the box overnight for the first time.

Female Roosting in the nest Box

"Female Roosting in the nest Box"

Female Roosting in the Nest Box
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Bird Update 22/04/08 They Have Started to build a nest

The start of the nest

"Start of nest building 18.04.08"

Nest building Continues

"Nest building Continues 20.04.08"

Nest building Continues

"Nest building Continues 21.04.08"

Nest building Continues

"Nest building Continues 21.04.08"

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Bird Update 13/04/08

Betty the fretty great tit has been showing very strange behaviour in the box this week. Perhaps she is getting ready to start nesting?? Her partner Bob never seems to go in except to do a general inspection. However he was in this morning and at one point both of them were in there. They still keep inspecting the opaque Perspex windows at the sides. Betty has been doing quite serious DIY to the sides and corners of the box - almost as ferociously as a woodpecker! Her 'nesting wriggles' are more intense and longer - does this mean anything? The male does a spot of DIY around the hole.

Yesterday the box was briefly visited by a pair of blue tits - we are not sure if they are the same ones spotted putting nesting material into our other (camera less) box. Obviously the great tits were not about!

1st to 6th April

The pair of Great Tits continue to show interest in the box but are still only visiting it once or twice a day for a few minutes. The camera is now set up with motion detection to detect when they enter the box. This morning it was 7.23am an hour earlier than yesterday. Perhaps because of the cold weather and snow. No nesting material has appeared yet. Meanwhile the pair of Blue Tits in the box without the camera contiue to build their nest!

Great Tit Checks prolonged inspection

"Female Great Tit carries out a prolonged inspection"

Female Great Tit's Prolonged Inspection

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