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Diary Update

28th May 2010

The two remaining chicks are quite vocal - one has a well defined voice and the other is a bit husky! Anyway they have survived the day today - so lets hope they are okay.

27th May Sad Day

Unfortunately over the last couple of days 3 chicks have died. Two look like they are still active but the mother has been pushing them under the nest so that they are not very visible. We do not know why they have died although we have had some very hot weather which caused all the chicks to stretch out of the nest cup. The weather has been cooler this week so we thought they would be okay. A similar thing happened last year although the chicks were older.

19th May 2010 5 Chicks and 1 Unhatched Egg.

There are 5 chicks and one unhatched egg. They are making a noise now as well. One chick's beak looks a little smaller so obviously the last one to hatch.

16th May 2010 4 Chicks

8.55am 4 Chicks have now hatched. The last 2 hatched overnight. The female has just removedthe just removed the broken shell from the nest.

15th May 2010 First chick hatched

First chick hatched at 12.44pm. Full story and photo to follow:...

First Chick . You can just make it out on top of the eggs.(Photo 17:23pm)

10th May 2010

The female is now incubating 6 eggs. We are not sure when she started the incubation as we have been away for a couple of weeks.

6 eggs

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