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Diary Update

21st April 2010

The nest building continues.

More Nest Material

19th April 2010

Over the weekend we have had action in both boxes 1 and 3. It looks like the Great Tits are thinking about nesting in box 1 as a little more nesting material has been added today, with the female doing 'nesting wriggles'. The Blue Tits spent some time over the weekend inspecting box 3, but no nesting has started in here. The male seemed to spend all his time trying to entice the female to go into the box!

Blue Tit Inspects Box 3

Blue Tit Inspects Box 3

17th April 2010

The Great Tits have chased off the Blue Tits this morning and are now trying to remove nesting material from the box!! The "stick" was to long to get out of the hole.

Removing a stick

17th April 2010

The Great Tits have chased off the Blue Tits this morning and are now trying to remove nesting material from the box!! The "stick" was to long to get out of the hole.

Trying to remove a stick.

16th April

Female Great Tit spotted at 7.20am this morning, above Box 1 with a feather in her mouth. After some time a male appeared and looked in the box but the female stayed quiet in the tree - not her mate I wonder?? A short time afterwards the female gave up and deposited the feather in the tree and left. Interesting - we will see what unfolds later today..

15th April 2010

Something has been happening in Bird Box 1! I have just turned on the camera and spied a little nesting material - but who has been putting it there??

The start of nest building?

12th April 2010

A bit of coming and going over the weekend in all three boxes. The Great Tits do not seem to have it all their own way with Box 1 as a pair of Blue Tits have also been inspecting it. They were also seen around the box again this morning. I think nesting this year will be a bit later than usual. This day last year is when the Great Tits began nest building - but no evidence of this yet this year. At least the sun is now shining and will hopefully make them realise it is spring!!

10th - 11th April

The Great Tits will not be happy when they find out!

Blue Tit on Box 1

10th - 11th April

A pair of Blue Tits inspect box 1.

Blue Tit on Box 1

5th April 2010

An Easter weekend of some interest in all three of our boxes, although box 1 still attracts most of the attention. As last year, we think one Great Tit pair are interested in both boxes 1 and 3. Box 2 has been visited by Blue tits - but they seem to just like looking at the hole. Lets hope they get a bit more interested during this week. Nest building should start soon. We do have a pair of Magpies building a structure at the top of a tall tree nearby - looks a bit precarious in the wind, but they have persisted all weekend.

A Blue Tit Inspects the hole of box2.

3rd April 2010

Inspecting box 3

3rd April 2010

Checking out box 1

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